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Ultrasonic Technology Cleaning

Many of our customers comment that they are amazed at how effective the process is – that many things they thought were damaged beyond repair look good as new, using our ultrasonic technology.

Ultrasonic Cleaning enhances cleaning capabilities when used in conjunction with our cleaning solutions. As appropriate, Stover’s uses Ultrasonic Cleaning devices to specifically cleaning electronic components including televisions, computers and more.

Ultrasonic Cleaning is wonderful, in that it frequently enables us to clean items you may have thought would never be useful again after exposure to smoke, etc.

This type of cleaning method is ideal for cleaning all kinds of surfaces, including removing soils from cracks and very small spaces. It is used to remove various types of substances such as: grease, stains, dirt, oil, mold, heat treatment scales and abrasive residues from surfaces that need to be absolutely clean before they are assembled or processed any further.

Any items that cannot be restored can be “packed out” and removed from the premises, to help things return to normal as quickly as possible.

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