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water damage carpet

Water Damage Carpet: How to Clean and Restore Your Flooring

Water damage to carpets is a common problem that many homeowners face. Whether it’s due to a leaky roof, a burst pipe, or a flood, water damage can cause significant […]

Top Summer Restoration Jobs in Wichita, KS

Top Summer Restoration Jobs in Wichita, KS

As summer approaches in Wichita, KS, homeowners and businesses need to be prepared for potential damages that can arise due to the warmer weather. Stover’s Restoration, a leading water damage […]

what to do for your homeowners insurance if you have water damage

A Guide to Filing a Water Damage Claim With Your Homeowners Insurance for Wichita, KS Residents

Water Damage Insurance Claim Process – Wichita, KS At Stover’s Restoration, a water damage restoration company in Wichita, Kansas, I understand the importance of properly filing a water damage claim […]

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Have Flood Damage in Wichita?

Flood damage, as defined by FEMA, occurs from any event that results in flooding such as flash floods, burst pipes or prolonged roof leaks. When buying a home, it can […]

wichita water damage restoration, wichita water damage cleanup, water damage repair

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is the process of returning a home or commercial property to its pre-loss condition. This involves clearing away all standing water and disinfecting affected areas to prevent […]

Water Damage Home

The Basics of Water Damage Restoration in Kansas

Water damage is a widespread issue that can be caused by many different causes. Pipes break, sinks and toilets overflow, roofs leak, and more can all lead to this problem. […]

How to Deal With Apartment Water Damage in Wichita

Water damage to an apartment can be a devastating issue. Not only does it ruin furniture and appliances, but also carpeting and other belongings on-the-spot; but it may also lead […]

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Need a Wichita Kansas Fire Damage Restoration Company?

Fires can be devastating and leave behind a trail of destruction in their wake. Whether the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction, a cooking accident, or something more serious, […]

How Long Does Mold Remediation Take?

Often times, mold will show up in a home or business and homeowners may wonder how long it takes to clean up this issue. The answer to this question is […]

water damage emporia, water damage cleanup emporia, water removal emporia

Thinking About Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company?

Water Damage Restoration is a process that helps to return your home or business to its pre-loss state. This includes cleaning up and sanitizing the affected area. It also involves […]