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Stover's Restoration is an exceptional company. The restoration crew came to my house when they said they would and went to work immediately on my basement. The crew removed all the damaged materials and placed equipment in my basement to remove the water and dry it out.The crew returned on the scheduled day to check that the basement was dry and to remove their equipment. All was well. Cody the crew leader, was very helpful and explained everything to me step by step. He was very polite to me and knowledgeable. Also, the ladies in the office have been very helpful in explaining other processes to me. I will highly recommend Stover's to anyone needing restoration help.

- Becky S. – Customer

5+ Stars - It appeared to going to be one of the worst days of my life that was when I walked into my basement storage area. It was flooded.  I called my insurance agent who recommended Stover’s Restoration. As soon the Stover’s team got to my house, my anxiety left. They were very professional and knowledgeable. They also had all the right tools and equipment. (I just could not have done it myself).  The Stover’s team led by Cody took pictures. measurements, etc. (everything the insurance needed). I did not need to do anything. What a relief.  I will certainly recommend Stover’s Restoration to everyone. They made it so very easy. They are experienced, well trained and a pleasure to have in my home.  I am satisfied beyond expectations!

- Marsha Murray – Customer

I have been thoroughly impressed with this company from my first phone call to Bambi to my last contact with the person in charge of marketing. We needed our home remediated for mold, and Bambi got us on the schedule within days. This was such a relief since this has been a very stressful ordeal. Throughout this process, Justin and Megan were so professional and effectively helpful. They were patient with all of my questions and concerns and showed such empathy and kindness. I have appreciated all of their efforts to get our home clean and safe again. I was lucky to have our plumber recommend Stover's Restoration and Stover's is lucky to have such amazing employees! I highly recommend them!

- M. Thomas – Customer

Eric and crew were fantastic! Very thorough, professional and courteous. They came late Friday afternoon and stayed into early evening without once appearing to be in a hurry. Great job!

- Brian Schoenthaler – Customer

Jason Hund was our contact person, he was very professional and helpful. Jason and his coworker got right to work cleaning up our water leak damage. Got everything dry with there equipment.Although it does take a few days to get things dry. Also helped getting the right people to repair the damage to the Sheetrock. Very happy with there work and concern to get our home back to normal. Stover's was also helpful with the insurance claim.

- Philip Atkinson – Customer

5 Stars I would highly recommend Tyler A. to do restoration work. He was polite, competent, easy to talk to and did very satisfactory work. The tenant was very pleased with the work done by Tyler A. and his assistants. The tenant would also highly recommend Tyler A.

- Max Barker – Customer

"My name is Rebecca Gragg and on Dec 17, 2018 our home experienced a disgusting sewer back up. The damage was confined to the basement, but it caused considerable damage. After 3 days of Plumbers and Sewer repair people, all that was left was a smelly mess in the basement. At the recommendation of Bob’s Sewer Repair, I called Stover’s Restoration. Let me say, I am more than pleased with the results. I began with one young man who calmed me down and told me what needed to be done and how they would do it. After contacting my insurance company to get the ‘go ahead’ Stover’s Restoration’s young men came into my home and began cleaning the mess and clutter. In just one day, they had all the smelly mess out of my home. They continued to get rid of the dirty wet carpet, clean the walls and floors with filters and air cleaners. (This all in one day.) I am sure they made 200 trips up and down the stairs with things that were not destroyed. Then they got rid of the carpeting and things that could not be saved. They cleaned the floors and walls and cut away damaged sheet rock. Set up equipment to clean the air in my home. For anyone who has this experience, I would like to recommend Stover’s Restoration. Their people are neat, kind and really nice to work with this problem."

- Rebecca A. Gragg · Customer

"Cori was very professional. He helped with contacting the right people to take care of a massive water problem. He was knowledgeable about procedures that needed to be taken. He was very pleasant and courteous. I have used Stover’s Restoration in the past and have always been very happy."

- Linda Russey · Customer

"Once they were called, Tyler showed up promptly and assessed the situation explaining his recommendation and the process. He immediately went to work and completed the removal in a timely manner. I am confident in this company to have resolved my issue and restore my home back to normal/healthy living! I highly recommend them to who anyone that finds they have issues such as I did!"

- Kathy Enomoto · Customer

"Eric and Nick were really awesome to work with and they made us feel like we had always known them. They were very nice and showed extreme respect and concern for our home. We would definitely recommend this company."

- Pam Grill · Customer

"Stover's Restoration was recommended to us when we found water in our basement from a water pipe leak. Stover's was prompt and professional when they came out. When they came back to check the drying equipment they were on schedule each time. Everyone we have dealt with at Stover's has been professional and pleasant to deal with."

- Robert Hudson · Customer

"I had actually cancelled my appointment with Stover thinking that the damage to my basement could be handled independently. I am so thankful that the receptionist sent Shawn my way. He worked tirelessly all day to clean out the yucky sewer water-damaged articles in my basement as well as the walls and baseboard pieces that need to be replaced. He cleaned my basement so I could go back in safely and set fans everywhere to dry. He checked on me daily to see how progress in the basement was coming along, and was very polite to me as well as to the plumbers who began working in my basement to begin recreating a new sewer system. Truly he made my nightmare a more endurable reality, by rescuing the memorabilia and items that had meaning to me. Thank you Shawn for your kindness and professional courtesy. I am thankful for Stover Restoration."


"We had a sewer leak and didn't think it was as bad as it really was. So glad we called Stover's Restoration as it was way worse than we expected. They did the best we could have ever imagined to remove the water from the floors, walls and most important the smell. They had done work for my sister in Emporia Ks. They also were sold on Stover's Restoration. Fantastic job!"

- Patty Kusmaul McConnell · Customer

"Stover's was absolutely amazing, from start to finish! We had a homeowner's "OOPS!" with an improperly installed dishwasher. For 7-10 days we had no idea that our dishwasher was leaking and soaking our subfloor. We finally figured it out after our carpet in the living room (an entire wall over from the kitchen) was soaking wet. We called a plumber to fix our dishwasher and from there, contacted Stover's to assess the damage and salvage what they could. The process was pretty extensive, but was always thoroughly explained to us. We ended up having several heavy duty fans set up in our living room and kitchen for many days - probably 8 days. The guys came very single day to check on the progress of the water removal. Tyler & Nick were the guys we were seeing during the water removal. They always called prior to coming, and always confirmed a time for their next visit. They were never late and were always very courteous! Once water removal was finished, we ended up having a double "demo days" where the tile in the kitchen and the carpet on our main floor had to be completely removed. Preston appeared for this portion, along with some other guys. From there, I have nothing but amazing things to say about Preston and Stover's. He answered every question I had, urged the importance of the job getting finished as a quickly as possible (we have a toddler and I am 8 months pregnant), and fought battles for us with the subcontractors who were hired out to install our new flooring. He went above and beyond to ensure everything was right. If I ever have to use a restoration service again (fingers crossed that it isn't anytime soon), I will DEFINITELY be contacting Stover's."

- Shannon Le · Customer

"Stover's Restoration is a Great company! We had a burst pipe in our basement. I contacted them in the evening and Zach A. came out immediately to assess the damage. He was very informative and helpful. They were back out the next morning to start on the work of cleanup. They did a wonderful job and are so very nice. They answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend them to friends, family and neighbors!"

- Kelli Harris · Customer

"We had water in our basement and called Stover's. Within the hour they were out at our house cleaning up the mess. Great group of guys. Very friendly and did the job very quickly. I would definitely recommend them. Hopefully we aren't in this situation again but if we are, I will call Stover's to come out."

- Trisha Wilson · Customer

"If you are in need of a top notch restoration company, Stovers are what you’re looking for. I was in a state of shock when I realized how serious our problems were. I called Phil Stover of Stovers Restoration. He came right away. As bad as our problem was, he smiled and gave me hope. He assured me everything would be alright. He checked my house from top to bottom. Not only did he tell us what Stovers could do, he made helpful suggestions for other minor repairs we needed. The day of the restoration came and some of the three kindest men I’ve ever met showed up at our door. Bronson, Nick and Loren knew exactly what they were doing. They went to work immediately and didn’t stop until our problem was a memory. They cleaned up the site, and with a smile and a “thank you for using Stovers,” they were gone. I’ll never forget how they eased my fears and solved our problems. If you are looking for a stellar, state of art company, give them a call. You’ll be so glad you did."

- Kelly Hilleary · Customer

"We had a leak which caused mold to form and was extremely stressful. The plumber came out that morning and informed us we needed to contact Stovers to repair the rest. They were out within a couple hours and have been moving along the mitigation and repairs for us so that our 3 little ones are not going to be exposed to that for long! My technician was very personable, professional, and gave my dad a call on his way so that he did not have to leave work for a wait period!"

- Ashlynn Farrison · Customer

"From the first time Phil Stover came into my home, he was very helpful and had all the answers to my many concerns. I had recently purchased a home with, severe, previous mold and water damage. He showed me all of the areas of concern and had me call American Metro - Mold Inspector, Steve, who came out and did a full report of mold and damages. This had not been disclosed to me by the previous home owner. Phil followed Steve's guidelines to removing mold and cleaning my entire 2500 sq. ft. house. He and his crew spent many days working to get rid of the mold. They did a fantastic job! All of the men, whom I met were friendly, and got right to work. I wouldn't wish a mold problem on anyone but if you ever find any, Phil Stover is who I would call. He came out to my home 2 times making sure everything was cleaned and sealed properly. It really gave me piece of mind for me and my children to move into our new home. All of the staff at Stover's is so helpful and prompt to get me any information I have needed though this whole process. Always on time, and friendly faces, which is a nice change from some of the other companies I had come give me estimates. If I find any more mold and have any future problems, I will only call Stover's Restoration."

- Johna Ford · Customer

"I had a horrible event happen with my house. On July 4th weekend I awoke Sunday morning to find my basement flooded. The big problem is - I had sold my home and was supposed to close on the 11th! What a nightmare. Preston and Bambi (among others) really busted their tails for me to get the work done, which was extensive. Closing went as scheduled and they worked with me, my insurance company and most importantly the NEW owners to get everything done to everyone's satisfaction. Oh and they did everything they could to keep the cost within my insurance limits. Really, I can't thank them enough. Would definitely use them again."

- Dave Allen · Customer

"Was very impressed with Stover's Restoration. From the first phone call to the clean up. Very professional and responsive. We called them during a holiday weekend after flooding in our area. In fact, we called four companies and everyone was booked. Stover's was the second available but we chose them because they were the most professional and responsive. The service techs let us know what they were doing along the way - there were no surprises. They answered all our questions and also gave us recommendations on dealing with damages. They took great care to make sure furniture, walls, etc. were protected during the cleanup. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends."

- Carol Farrow · Customer

"These guys came out to my house at 10 PM and stayed till after midnight getting the water issue taken care of. When they showed up the first impression I got was we got the right guys here to fix our issues. Shawn introduced himself and handed me a card and immediately began to assess the situation. They explained to me what they were going to do and then attacked the problem. They have come back and checked regularly to be sure the carpet is drying according to their standards and they have worked with me on what the best time for me is for them to come back. The Hutch Branch manager Shawn is outstanding. I've never had to use a service like this before but I would highly recommend Stover's restoration. Thanks for making me feel good about a bad situation."

- Mike Bracket · Customer

"We had a fire last week in our home and Stovers Restoration has been doing a phenomenal job getting our house back in order, caring and understanding through the whole process. As I received the call yesterday about my sister passing, Stovers was here finishing for the day. Today- Ally comes in to assist with the final step of cleaning carpets and furniture. Her first concern was the family and said, "whatever you need help with, please ask!" As she and Emilio finished with the last room, she comes in with a bag- a few minutes later she tells me this is from Stovers. I didn't open the bag- I still haven't, there are many goodies inside, but a few minutes ago I glanced at the top of it. Sitting on top was a card- I opened it.... Tears came to my eyes as I realized that Stovers is so much more than a restoration of your home, they want to comfort and if possible restore normalcy to your family. They are family owned, and they surely have proven it to us. I'm going to miss some names here, but I just want to thank ALL of Stovers Restoration. These are the amazing people who I personally talked with or who have been in my home for the last 7 days. Thank you- Ally Trace Maggie Bambi Ester Adriana Drake Bree Megan Emilio for being more than a company. I want to thank you all for becoming our friends and for truly caring about us through this difficult time. You truly restore homes and lives- 1 place, 1 person at a time! Thank you"

- Ken Houpt · Customer

"I was so pleased with the service I received from Stover's Restoration out of Hutchinson. The service rep., Shawn Amsink, was prompt and very professional. I had a leak in my basement that left mold on the sheet rock, carpet, and insulation. The mold was removed and the area was dried leaving a wonderful smell and for me a feeling that the basement was a safe place for my grandchildren to play. I would highly recommend Stover's Restoration for and remediation issues that you may have. Thank you Shawn!"

- Arlene Fasbender · Customer

"Stovers Restoration out of Emporia is wonderful. Jordon could not have been any nicer and understanding. He explained everything in detail and worked with us every step of the way. It was a very stressful situation for me and he always answered my calls and text with patience answering all my questions. Highly recommend."

- Carol Dodge Lyon · Customer

"I am the owner of College Hill Creamery. My wife and I bought the store on August 18th, 2015. We had owned the shop for just over 5 weeks when we experienced the water heater failure. Given I have not lived in Wichita long and have never experienced this type of situation (let alone my inexperience in a commercial lease setting), I did not know who to call when I found 12" of water in my building's basement. I want to thank you for Preston's professionalism and prompt service. He was great. As far a company of any kind is concerned, having employees like Preston is priceless. Please pass on my regards to him. Thank you, again, for your prompt and professional service."

- Ryan Nall • College Hill Creamery

"Stover's is a great resource. They provide timely service and they desire to help find solutions to some challenging problems that we experience."

- Gene Gerber • Farm Bureau Adjuster

"Everyone that I came in contact with at Stover's is outstanding. Each person excels in his or her area. All are professional, courteous, and respectful. They work very hard and are quite willing to share their technical knowledge to help everyone understand what needs to be accomplished. Mr. Stover and his staff have turned this entire event around with their positive attitude, technical expertise, industry knowledge, and willingness to educate all involved. I highly recommend Stover's Restoration."

- Karen Monteith • Customer

"You and your company expedited the clean-up and refurbishing in a completely satisfactory manner... We were extremely impressed with the help we received from you.. .our thanks go out to Stover's Restoration."

- Karen and Robert Hernandez • Customer

"Stover's did a fantastic job. Sooner then I could hope for and they took care of everything.  On a scale of 1-10 they get an 11+."

- Rosemary Daves • Customer

"We are very glad to inform you of this highly complimentary letter from one of your customers. It was very refreshing to receive it since about 99% of our mail deals with complaints on companies. Thank you so much for the favorable experience given to this consumer."

- Bri Voyles • Better Business Bureau

"Through the six years that I have been working with Stover's Restoration my customers frequently comment on the speed and quality of their work. I have personally noticed that in every'claim from large to small they always show a sense of personal interest."

- Trevor Harris • Shelter Agent

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