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Rebecca A. Gragg · Customer

“My name is Rebecca Gragg and on Dec 17, 2018 our home experienced a disgusting sewer back up. The damage was confined to the basement, but it caused considerable damage. After 3 days of Plumbers and Sewer repair people, all that was left was a smelly mess in the basement.

At the recommendation of Bob’s Sewer Repair, I called Stover’s Restoration. Let me say, I am more than pleased with the results. I began with one young man who calmed me down and told me what needed to be done and how they would do it.

After contacting my insurance company to get the ‘go ahead’ Stover’s Restoration’s young men came into my home and began cleaning the mess and clutter.

In just one day, they had all the smelly mess out of my home. They continued to get rid of the dirty wet carpet, clean the walls and floors with filters and air cleaners. (This all in one day.)

I am sure they made 200 trips up and down the stairs with things that were not destroyed. Then they got rid of the carpeting and things that could not be saved. They cleaned the floors and walls and cut away damaged sheet rock. Set up equipment to clean the air in my home.

For anyone who has this experience, I would like to recommend Stover’s Restoration. Their people are neat, kind and really nice to work with this problem.”