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Kelly Hilleary · Customer

“If you are in need of a top notch restoration company, Stovers are what you’re looking for. I was in a state of shock when I realized how serious our problems were. I called Phil Stover of Stovers Restoration. He came right away. As bad as our problem was, he smiled and gave me hope. He assured me everything would be alright. He checked my house from top to bottom. Not only did he tell us what Stovers could do, he made helpful suggestions for other minor repairs we needed. The day of the restoration came and some of the three kindest men I’ve ever met showed up at our door. Bronson, Nick and Loren knew exactly what they were doing. They went to work immediately and didn’t stop until our problem was a memory. They cleaned up the site, and with a smile and a “thank you for using Stovers,” they were gone. I’ll never forget how they eased my fears and solved our problems. If you are looking for a stellar, state of art company, give them a call. You’ll be so glad you did.”