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Mold Remediation Kansas – Do it Yourself Or Hire a Professional?

The process of remediating a mold problem in your home is important. While the initial cost of remediating the mold can be high, the cost will only increase over time. If you aren’t sure whether you should hire a mold removal professional or DIY, here are some important tips: Mold Remediation There are many reasons […]

5 Things You Should Know About Water Damage Restoration

Before you hire a water damage restoration company, you should find out how the process works and what your insurance policy covers. It is also a good idea to ask for references and check their reviews online. After all, you’ll be paying them for their services! But how do you know whether they have good […]

How to Handle Sewage Restoration in Kansas

If your house has suffered a flood, you may be unsure how to deal with the resulting sewage. Here are some things to keep in mind: Health risks, costs, equipment, and steps to take. These can help you get the job done right. In addition, we’ll discuss the steps you should take to prevent future […]

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What is Mold Remediation?

When you decide to get mold remediation done, you may be wondering what to expect. While the process is similar to mold removal, the key difference lies in the final step: sanitizing. Sanitizing is an important part of the process, and it can be accomplished with a spray or a single use wipe. During the […]

Who to Call For Water Damage in Ceilings

When you have water damage in your ceiling, you have several options. First, you can try to identify the leak and protect the area beneath the stain. Next, you should dry the ceiling to avoid mold growth. In the event that you are not able to dry the ceiling on your own, you can contact […]

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How to Repair Popcorn Ceiling Water Damage

Moisture is not your friend when it comes to a popcorn ceiling. So, the question now is how to repair popcorn ceiling water damage. Some people will hire a professional to do it for them, while others are big do-it-yourselfers and will take on the task on their own. Whichever way you choose to proceed, […]

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost

The price of mold removal can vary greatly. Small jobs can be done yourself for as little as $50 which is rare, and mid-sized jobs can cost as much as $300-$1000. However, if you don’t know where to begin, it may be best to hire a professional water damage & mold removal company like Stover’s […]

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How to Fix Laminate Floor Water Damage

    If you’ve recently noticed water damage on your laminate floor, don’t panic! In most cases, the damage can be repaired. It’s important to take action as soon as possible, in order to prevent the damage from getting worse. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what can be done to fix laminate floor water […]

When Is Mold Remediation Necessary?

  Causes & Signs of Mold Any time mold is spotted or present in your home, we recommend remediation. The first step to preventing a mold infestation is to know what causes it. If you’re not aware of these risks, you’re more likely to experience a buildup of mold in your home. However, it is […]

How to Get Insurance to Pay For Water Damage

If you have experienced a flood or other water damage to your home, you may be wondering how to get insurance to pay for water damage. There are several options available to you. If you’re not sure which coverage you need, you can contact your insurer. They’ll send an adjuster to inspect the damage and determine if […]