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Fixing Leaky Washing Machines To Avoid Water Damage

water damage cleanup wichitaHave you ever walked into your laundry room and found yourself looking at an unexplainable puddle of water on the floor? If you answered yes, you’re in good company; we probably all have. If the amount isn’t large, you may be tempted to ignore it, mop it up, or simply catch it with a towel. Stover’s is here to embolden you to take action right away. We promise that your leaky washing machine won’t go away or get better if left alone.

Water Damage Cleanup In Wichita

We’ve put together some information to help you identify the source of your unknown problem, so you can get it fixed right away, before water damage sets in. Reference the type of washer you have, and where water is leaking (sometimes, you can figure this out by looking at where your puddle is, but only if the washer and floor are level) to read about some of the things that could be causing the leak. 

Top-load washer leaks 

  • At the front of the washer: Leaks at the front of a top-load washer are most likely caused by a tilted or clogged overflow tube. Using laundry products inappropriately can cause clogs in this tube. Be sure to use only the recommended amount of detergent, and don’t combine products inappropriately. To test if you are using too much detergent, take a freshly washed item (before drying it) and put it in a bowl of warm water. If the water becomes sudsy, you are using too much detergent. You may also be overloading the washer, so watch your load sizes. 
  • At the back of the washer: This type of leak is probably caused by a drain hose that is not securely attached to the drain pipe. Or, if you have a brand-new washer, the manufacturer’s drain plug (which is meant to be removed) may still be attached. Alternatively, you may have a poor connection at the fill hoses. To diagnose this, turn off your water supply, remove the hoses, and make sure the rubber washers are still there and in good shape. If all else fails, test your fill hoses to see if there is a small leak. 
  • Under the washer: This leak indicates a probable hole in the water pump. It should be replaced immediately, because if water gets in the motor of the machine, it could be ruined. 

Front-load washer leaks

  • At the front of the washer: Check your seal to make sure it is in good condition and free of holes. If the seal is soapy, it may leak, so give it a good clean. 
  • At the back of the washer: The problems that apply to a top-load washer at the back may apply here too, so test those out. In addition, this type of washer may leak at the back if you have too many suds in your load. Use only HE detergent, and the appropriate amount. 
  • Under the washer: This type of washer has an inner and an outer drum. The outer drum has seams that can leak. Have someone out to see if your outer drum needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Use these tips and investigate your leaky washer right away, to mitigate water damage caused by your problem. Good luck! And, of course, for water damage cleanup needs in your home in Wichita (caused by a washing machine or anything else!), be sure to give Stover’s a call.