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When Your Wichita Pipes Freeze And Burst

Frozen Pipe Burst In Wichita - What Happens NextHome and business owners are well aware that the cold winter months can cause indoor pipes to burst. Water damage inside your property is a serious issues and can cause extensive damage to the structure if it is not taken care of right away. Stover’s Restoration in Wichita is available 24 hours a day for emergency water removal, dry outs, and cleanup after any type of water damage event.

Frozen Pipe Burst In Wichita – What Happens Next

When frozen pipes burst, there are a number of things that can happen if a water damage restoration company is not enlisted to help immediately.

  1. MoldMold doesn’t wait to start growing. In fact, if there is a bit of moisture, mold is imminent. Water damage restoration companies have powerful equipment to extract water from within the structure of the property and to dry it out before mold has a chance to grow. Without proper drying methods, it is nearly impossible to dry the wet areas that are deep within the building. Industry-grade equipment is essential in this process.
  2. Structural Damage – Structural damage happens when water damage restoration does not. Drywall, flooring, carpet, ceilings, and walls will easily suffer from rot and decay if water affects it. Floors will warp, ceilings will sag, and walls will crumble. To keep the structure of your property in tact, contact a professional water damage cleanup crew immediately after a pipe bursts.
  3. Contamination – Depending on the source of the water, you could be dealing with a situation where the water that infiltrates your home is contaminated. Professional restoration companies use expert sanitizing and decontamination solutions to make sure that the affected area is free of harmful contaminants and safe for people to occupy.

Stover’s Restoration in Wichita is an experienced and established water damage remediation company that offers fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and more. When your home or business suffers a water disaster from frozen pipes bursting, sewage backups, or any other type of water event – you can rely on our team of professionals to stop the damage from spreading and save your property from long-term damage.

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