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11 Signs Of Water Damage And Restoration Plans

Water damage can be caused by a large variety of different sources. Similarly, it can also present itself in numerous different ways. Here are 11 signs of water damage you should look out for from our water damage restoration experts at Stover’s in Wichita.

Water Damage Restoration In Wichita  

Water Stains 

Water stains are easy to detect. Look for unsightly yellow rings on the walls, ceilings, or floors. If you find any stains, the water has probably pooled behind one of these. 

Rotting Wood

Extended exposure to moisture will rot wood over time. If you find any rotted wood in or out of your home, look for any moisture sources that could be causing the damage. 

A Gross, Humid Odor

The smell of excess humidity or mold is unmistakable, as it has a strong scent of old, rotten eggs, mixed with a dirty, wet dog. 

Swollen Drywall

Drywall is very porous so it can absorb a lot of moisture in a very short time. Look for bubbling in your drywall as an indication this has happened to you. If it has, make sure you act fast. Drywall is fragile so even a short period of moisture exposure can damage it for good. 

Mold Growth

Mold is the most common consequence of water damage and high restoration costs. If you find mold in your home, there must be a source of water somewhere providing the mold with what it needs to survive. 

Poorly Maintained Attic/Basement

Attics and basements are extremely vulnerable to water damage and high restoration costs. So, even if there aren’t any obvious signs of water damage, if you move into a home that has an attic or basement that has been neglected you should perform a thorough inspection for water damage. 

Damp Walls

This is an obvious one, but if you notice that the walls in your home are damp, there you probably have a water damage issue and you will need to call the restoration professionals immediately. Often, this is a precursor to stained walls or swollen drywall as discussed above. 

Cracked Walls Or Ceiling

Cracks on the ceiling, walls, and floors, can happen for a myriad of different reasons. One of them, nonetheless, is water leaking through them incessantly. Search for those fractures in the property’s structure.

The Sound Of Dripping Or Leaking Water

The sound of dripping water is an obvious indication that you’ve got a leak somewhere in your home. Don’t waste any time before looking for the source of the leak if you notice this problem. Acting fast can save you from a costly water damage restoration. 

Loose Caulking Around Your Pipes

While you’re touring the property you’re interested in buying, you should also look around for loose caulk in the bathroom, on pipes, etc. This can be the result of water seeping through those areas.

Rusty Metal Around The Home

Rust is extremely destructive and can cause a host of problems in and around your home. If you notice things getting rusty, begin looking for the source of the water causing the rust right away. 

Don’t put up with any of these signs of water damage! If you notice any one of them, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Stover’s in Wichita for professional water damage restoration help.