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5 Ways Smoke And Soot From Fire Damage Your Wichita Home

Fires are obviously quite destructive. The heat from the flames can destroy materials easily without having come in contact with objects. But the damage grows even further due to the smoke and soot residue that resides long after the flames are extinguished. This is just one of the reasons that fire damage restoration is so important.

Stover’s Flood And Fire has handled many types of fire damage cleanup and restoration where the smoke and soot damage was incredibly extensive. Even small fires can cause a significant amount of damage in rooms that the fire didn’t touch. If you are a homeowner in Wichita, be sure to contact Stover’s Flood And Fire if you have suffered property damage due to any kind of fire.

5 Ways Smoke And Soot From Fire Damage Your Wichita Home

The smoke and soot particles from fires are tiny and can embed in materials making it nearly impossible to remove them and the odor that they carry. If your property has suffered fire damage, here are 5 ways it is being damaged – even if you aren’t aware.

  1. Carpet – The carpet in your home is going to sustain significant damage. Depending on the severity of the fire, you might have to replace it. Fires can melt carpeting or damage it irreparably. Keeping damaged carpets, or upholstery, can make the damage worse because it will continually release new particles. The odor will linger and the particles will continue to spread.
  2. Walls – Your ceiling and walls are likely going to become discolored and stained. Smoking cigarettes inside cars and homes leads to discoloration of the home itself, but fires inside the home can extend the damage more intensely, very quickly. To be sure your walls and ceiling are properly restored after a fire, don’t rely on a new paint job. Professional fire damage restoration can release the particles and clean them out of your walls and ceiling completely.
  3. Etching – You may not know this, but soot particles can and will etch into materials in your home. Windows and other glass objects can suffer permanent damage due to soot. This may be preventable depending on the extent of the damage but it will require a professional cleaning from fire damage restoration crews.
  4. Electronics and Appliances – The electronics and appliances in your home are just one of the types of contents that can be severely damaged due to smoke and soot. These particles will disrupt electrical pathways along the circuit boards and cause signficant damage. Much of which can be restored if they are cleaned properly.
  5. HVAC Systems – Your duct systems will definitely need a thorough cleaning after a small or large fire. Smoke and soot particles move quickly through the air and spread from room to room. If a fire broke out in your kitchen, it probably has affected your bathroom and bedrooms because of the air systems in your home. Professional cleaning will remove the soot and smoke particles so that they don’t continue to spread during future use.

Again, depending on the severity of the fire, other items inside your home may be damaged. A professional fire damage restoration company like Stover’s Flood And Fire in Wichita can help with any cleanup or restoration. This includes determining what items in your home are salvageable. Your clothes, bedding, curtains, furniture, dishes, appliances, electronics, books, lamps, and much more can be damaged beyond repair – but many objects that are seemingly irreparable can be restored. Trust the professionals at Stover’s Flood And Fire to help you make that decision.