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Get Back To Normal With Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

wichita water damage restoration, wichita water damage, witchita water damage cleanupWater damage in any case or scenario can be a nightmare to deal with. Not only do you have a mess to clean up and damaged items to restore, but you’re faced with the challenge of figuring out how to return your life to normal. 

The last thing you want to do when dealing with a water disaster is attempt to fix it on your own. Handling a water disaster is extremely complex and can lead to worse damage, high risk exposure, and increased restoration costs if not dealt with properly. Here are three specific dangers you can avoid by calling an expert water damage restoration team, like Stover’s Restoration in Wichita.

Water Damage Restoration In Wichita

Electrical Hazard

Water and electricity is a formula for danger. Your home or business not only carries the potential for faulty electrical wiring, but it’s most likely occupied by electrical appliances and devices. When these wires come in contact with water, you can be certain that your safety is at risk. 

Exposure To Bacteria

Water left unattended for more than 24 hours can stimulate the growth of germs and bacteria. Flood water is especially hazardous with its increased potential of carrying sickness and disease causing pathogens. Longer exposure to unwanted moisture can greatly compromise your health and complicate the water damage restoration process. Don’t wait to call the experts so they can perform complete moisture removal and sanitation.  

Structural Weakness

Restoring a home or business with a weakened structure caused by water damage poses yet another physical threat. Any foundation or structure made of wood weakens when exposed to water and is prone to collapse if not dealt with properly. Wet floors also pose an increased risk of slipping, causing further harm. 

Trust Water Damage Restoration Experts For Immediate Solutions

Professional experts know how to navigate through the dangers and risks posed by water damage. Don’t enter unknown territory – instead, take heed from water damage restoration specialists. Just like any other specialty, safe and effective water damage restoration requires extensive training and valid licensure. Our team strictly abides by industry standards set forth by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), Restoration Industry Association (RIA), Water Loss Institute (WLI), among others. 

Water damage restoration also requires the use of specialized tools and equipment. Never underestimate the success of professional services compared to DIY water cleanup methods. Using a bucket, towel, or house fan for removing and drying water just isn’t effective. While taking simple precautions yourself may mitigate damage in the beginning stages, it won’t be effective in complete moisture removal and mold prevention. Our team is equipped with industry-grade tools that ensure quick,complete moisture removal from affected areas. Let the water damage restoration experts at Stover’s Restoration in Wichita put your water damage problem at rest. We’ll save you the headache and hassle so you can focus on other important matters and get your life back to normal.