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Fire Damage Restoration: 4 Things All Homeowners Should Know

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The emergency responders to fire disasters answer requests for help every 24 seconds in the United States. As a homeowner, if you should find yourself dealing with a property fire, there are some important bits of information that you should know to keep yourself and your family safe, and to help yourself recover from the loss quickly.

Remember, after the fire is put out, you can rely on the professionals at Stover’s Restoration in Wichita to help guide you through the fire damage restoration process and ease the stress and impact on your life.

  1. Take Appropriate Safety Precautions – Homes affected by fire damage are not safe when the flames are out. Smoke and soot linger long after the blazes are gone and can cause serious health issues. For your own safety, stay out of a fire damaged home until it has been deemed safe to enter by professionals.
  2. Not Everything Has Been Destroyed – When a fire has damaged a property (or a part of a property), it is normal for homeowners to worry about their personal belongings. Keep in mind that many items that are seemingly destroyed may still be salvageable. Professional contents restoration can restore damage to glass items, appliances, electronics, furniture, clothes and more!
  3. Don’t Try To DIY – Trying to handle a fire damage restoration job on your own is not worth the time or hassle. Professional fire damage restoration companies have years of experience, training, and industry-grade equipment to successfully clean and restore any signs of fire, smoke, or soot damage. Not only will they restore the damage for effectively, but their team of professionals will make sure the job gets done quicker.
  4. Don’t Wait – Like most damaged items, a fire-damaged home will continue to be affected by remnants of the fire after the fire is out. Smoke and soot can cause extensive damage and the longer they are left, the more damage they will cause. Don’t waste time. Contact a professional fire damage cleanup company like Stover’s Restoration in Wichita immediately.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration In Wichita

Nobody can completely prevent fire damage from happening. But there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of fires and to minimize fire damage when it happens. Ultimately, safety should be your first priority. Be sure to take the necessary measures to keep you and your family safe if a house fire does happen. Install fire alarms, create fire escape plans, and prepare for a disaster so you know what to do should one happen.

Remember, the fire damage restoration team at Stover’s Restoration in Wichita is complete with skilled professionals who can help you get your home and your life back to normal following a fire. Contact our professionals who offer 24/7 emergency fire damage cleanup and repair services for emergency response and immediate estimates. You do not have to deal with a property fire disaster alone – contact our team for the trusted help that you need.