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3 Facts About Smoke Damage

smoke damage hutchinson, smoke damage cleanup hutchinsonWhen a house fire happens, whether big or small, the entire home can be devastated by the fire. The smoke and soot that come with fires spreads extensively to areas of the home that were not touched by the flames. Soot can easily be found inside cupboards and drawers, closets, and the ventilation system. Smoke lingers long after a fire because its particles embeds deep into fabrics and other porous surfaces. When a fire happens in your home, you need to know the facts about smoke damage to protect yourself and to get your home back to a pre-loss condition. If you live in the Hutchinson area, you can always contact the smoke damage cleanup professionals at Stover’s Restoration to help.

Smoke Damage Is Dangerous

The thick smoke and soot from a fire are an extensive problem because of the items in your home that act as fuel. Your furniture, carpets, walls, and clothes will contain the residue long after the fire is put out. The smell of smoke will remain until it is properly removed. Unfortunately for all homeowners, lingering smoke and soot can be extremely hazardous to your health. Soot is extremely toxic and can cause damage to the lungs, skin and eyes. Other medical problems can occur like respiratory issues, heart problems and a compromised immune system. Do not attempt to return to a normal life inside your home without first contacting a professional smoke damage cleanup company that can assess the damage and take the proper actions to clean and restore your home to a safe and healthy environment.

Smoke Damage Stains

Even if your home experienced a small fire that was pretty contained, it is going to suffer from some discoloration and staining. After a short time, the ash and soot from the fire can permanently discolor walls, ceilings, wood, and vinyl. Soot also has the ability to etch into and corrode materials. Metal and glass are both compromised due to soot. When the corroding happens, your home can suffer a decrease in structural integrity. To minimize the extent of the damage to your home and to get it back to a safe and habitable condition, be sure to contact specialists in smoke damage removal immediately after the fire has been extinguished. The sooner you initiate this process, the less likely your home is to suffer permanent smoke damage. 

Smoke Damage And Smoke Odor

It doesn’t matter what type of smoke it is, smoke lingers in clothes, hair and even on your body. When a fire invades your home, the smell can be intense and will last a long time. Not only is the smoke odor awful, it can permanently infect your home and items without the right cleaning methods. Many homeowners know that mal odors can decrease the value of their homes, too. This means that if you ever try to sell your home, the smoke odor can significantly reduce your home’s worth. Again, the only way to effectively treat smoke damage to your home is by contact a professional smoke removal team that has the experience needed to do the job right.

Smoke Damage Cleanup Professionals In Hutchinson

Smoke damage is not something you can ignore. Don’t waste any time contact the professional smoke damage team in Hutchinson to handle any type of fire disaster needs. Contact Stover’s Restoration today.