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10 Things All Hutchinson Homeowners Should Know About Smoke Damage

smoke damage cleanup hutchinson, smoke damage hutchinson, smoke cleanup hutchinsonWhether you are dealing with major fire damage or minor smoke damage due to a small kitchen fire, there is some important information you should have to make sure the damage is taken care of the right way and safely. Stover’s Restoration in Hutchinson has seen all kinds of property damage due to fire and smoke and wants you to be prepared. Here are the top ten things you should know when dealing with smoke damage in your home.

Get Help Immediately

Time extends damage. The longer smoke and soot linger inside your property, the harder it will be to remove the stains and smells. Smoke damage cleanup companies like Stover’s Restoration offer 24 hour emergency services to help tackle the problem and reduce the damage fast.

Don’t Enter The Building

Fire damaged properties can be dangerous to be in. Even without structural damage, smoke and soot can take a toll on your health. Breathing in the residue from a fire can cause lung damage and other health problems. To be safe, wait for a professional smoke damage cleanup company to give you the ok to enter the property.

Be Aware Of Further Damage

If fire fighting efforts were taken to put out a fire, be aware that your property may be suffering from water damage as well as smoke damage. Being aware of this extra damage could save you from being surprised by it later.

Don’t Do It Alone

Trying to get rid of smoke and soot residue after a fire is nearly impossible without professional equipment and experience. Don’t try to tackle the project on your own with harsh chemicals or odor removers – they won’t work. When it comes to smoke damage, make sure you have professional fire damage restoration experts do the job.

Throw Out Food

The majority of your food products are not ok now. Throw them out. Being inside a sealed fridge will not keep them safe from contamination. If you are unsure about boxed or canned goods, talk to the smoke damage cleanup specialists and make sure you are making the right choices with food products.

Wear Safety Gear

If you do go inside your property, make sure you wear the proper safety gear. If you don’t know what is appropriate to deal with smoke damage, consult with fire damage professionals who can make sure you are safely geared up.


Though ventilating your property will not get rid of smoke odor, it can help to get fresh air moving through the property. For smaller fires that have not destroyed windows and doors, open the windows and doors, turn on fans and help the air circulate.

Professional Smoke Damage Cleanup In Hutchinson

For professional smoke damage cleanup – be sure to contact the professionals at Stover’s Restoration who can answer your call anytime, day or night. Our pros are certified and experienced in proper smoke damage cleanup and restoration and will get your property back to pre-loss condition quickly.