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How Does Fire Affect The Contents Of Your Home?

fire damage restoration emporia, fire damage cleanup emporia, fire damage repair emporiaFires quickly and easily destroy homes. The damage that comes from the heat and flames can cause irreversible damage. Intense heat will melt and shatter items, smoke will embed deep into different fibers and other materials, and soot residue will spread to areas that are not touched by the fire itself. Not only do your contents suffer physical damage, but they can suffer incredible smoke damage that leaves an odor that is nearly impossible to remove without professional help.

The team at Stover’s Restoration in Emporia has a crew of highly trained and skilled fire damage restoration technicians who know how to minimize damage from a fire quickly and start the repair process. When our team gets through a house fire cleanup job, it can be impossible to tell that there ever was a fire.

What Type Of Damage Do Fires Do To My Contents?

When you deal with a fire, your personal belongings can become seemingly destroyed. However, not all “destroyed” items need to be thrown out. In fact, many items that seem unsalvageable can be saved with the right type of help. Before anything gets thrown out, consult with a professional fire damage restoration team that can help you sort through the destroyed and the salvageable.

Property Structure

Your home may become exposed to the outside elements. Fire restoration companies work quickly to secure your home from further damage. That means broken windows or holes in the ceiling or walls will be boarded up to keep unwanted elements out.

The property will also be heavily damaged by smoke and soot. Soot can actually etch into glass and other materials causing permanent damage if allowed to sit for too long, and smoke odor becomes increasingly more difficult to remove if it is not taken care of right away.


Your furniture will not escape damage from a fire. Most items will be covered with soot and will smell of smoke. Using a home vacuum cleaner will cause more damage to your upholstery so be aware of trying to cleanup the disaster on your own. Most soot and smoke odor problems need to be handled by professionals so that more damage is not caused.

Bedding & Clothes

Your fabrics, like blankets, sheets, and clothes will absolutely smell of smoke even if soot doesn’t find them. Again, regular cleaning agents are not going to get rid of the aftermath of a fire. It will take commercial cleaning chemicals to remove the signs and smell of a fire.

Immediate Response

Don’t put off calling a professional fire damage restoration company after a fire. Your home and your belongings can suffer permanent damage the longer they are left sitting after a fire. Many items that are salvageable right after a fire will have to be thrown out if you wait too long. Save yourself a lot of time and money by calling a professional team to come help immediately after a fire.

If you live in Emporia, you can always count on the friendly and experienced fire damage professionals at Stover’s Restoration!