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What To Do After A Fire

fire damage cleanup wichita, fire damage professionals wichitaBeing involved in a fire can be one of the scariest experiences that you have in your life. And just like childbirth, you go through this crazy experience and then you are left to deal with a big mess after! Life is just like that sometimes, but it’s nice to have some guidance about how to deal with the aftermath. So if you have experienced a fire and now have to deal with the fire damage cleanup process, here are some tips for your next moves. 

Call Fire Department

Obviously, the very first thing you should do is call the fire department. They will come with their crew and extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. The quicker the call goes in, the quicker the damage will be stopped. 

Call Fire Damage Cleanup Crew

The very next call you should make is to your local Wichita Stover’s fire damage cleanup company. It is always best to call a restoration professional who has experience in fire and water damage. Water damage and fire damage go hand in hand since firefighters will need to use liquid fire extinguishers and water to put out the flames in your home. Weather could also get into your vulnerable home in the aftermath of a fire, so it is important to make the call to your restoration company as soon as possible to get them clean up the mess before more damage is done.

Call Family And Friends

The next call you should make is to your family and friends who can support you through this catastrophe. That’s right, call the restoration company before you even call your mother. Getting the restoration company out as soon as possible will help stop the damage in its tracks. Soot and ash are acidic and will deteriorate many materials in your home if it sits on them long enough. So call your family and friends after calling a fire damage cleanup company. You may want to ask someone for a place to stay or have someone pick you up from the hospital if you need to be checked out after breathing in smoke. You may also need some other kinds of support like emotional support after a traumatic experience, call the people who you know and trust to help you out. 

Call Insurance

So basically, you are going to be making a lot of phone calls. Calling your insurance company is very important to the restoration process. Depending on your insurance plan, you may have the entire fire covered, get reimbursed for belongings lost in the fire, and even get some kind of reimbursement for hotel stays. Every insurance plan is different, so make sure you make the call and find out what kind of support your company can help you with. 

There are many professionals and friends that you have who can help you with your traumatic fire damage cleanup process. You may feel like you are alone in this trial, but there are trained professionals who deal with these kinds of problems on a daily basis. If you need any advice, they are a wealth of knowledge.