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Home Fire Safety

fire damage cleanup wichita, fire damage wichitaWhile the number of house fires in the United States has steadily declined in recent years, thousands of deaths and billions of dollars of damage each year might be prevented by diligently reviewing several areas in your home. Here are some of the most common causes of house fires, plus some precautions:

Cooking fires rank as the number one cause of house fires in the United States; the majority of incidents involving grease fires. Grease fires should be covered with a lid over the pan, rather than trying to use water (which will actually make the fire worse). Put out fires in the oven by closing the oven door to starve the fire of oxygen.

Use only microwave-safe food containers or dishes; never use aluminum foil or metal. Plug the microwave oven directly into the wall outlet — never use an extension cord. If a fire does occur, cut off the fire’s oxygen supply by keeping the door closed.

Gas grills should always be used away from structures, tablecloths and tree branches. Keep BBQ and any removable parts cleaned with soapy water. Check the gas bottle for any leaks each time you use it.

Smoking In Bedrooms
Bedroom fires make up more than half of all house fire fatalities. A cigarette that is not put out properly may stay lit for a few hours. It could burst into flames if it came into contact with flammable materials, such as furniture, curtains or clothes.

Unattended candles can be very dangerous; always blow a candle out before leaving a room. The fragrant, hot wax carries heat and that could cause another surface to catch fire. Over half of candle fires start because the candle is too close to combustible materials. Keep candles away from any obviously flammable items such as books and tissue boxes.

Flammable Liquids
If you have any flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene or methylated spirits in the garage, keep them away from heat sources. Never change containers without proper labeling. Reassess if you really need the products or if they should be properly disposed of.

Clothes dryers account for tens of thousands of house fires each year. Over time, accumulated lint can cause the dryer vent to become clogged with highly flammable materials, which easily combust when exposed to high temperatures. So clean the lint trap each time you use the dryer and inspect for other potential blockages.

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If you have suffered a fire in your home, call the experts. For over 30 years, Stover’s Restoration has been one of the most trusted and respected names in fire restoration in south-central Kansas. Stover’s can offer gentle processes that are FDA approved, non-toxic, non-sparking, non-flammable, non-hazardous, and environmentally safe for your home.
In an emergency, trust Stover’s for fire damage clean-up and debris removal. A commitment to ongoing training, customer service, and innovative tools set them apart in the industry. Contact them at any time at (316) 712-5696 or visit