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5 Important Facts About Water Damage

water damage witchita, water cleanup witchita, professional water damage cleanup witchitaIf you have experienced a water damage emergency, don’t miss these important steps to minimize the damage! 

Water damage emergencies aren’t common problems for property owners, but when flooding occurs due to clogged drains, broken or leaking pipes, or the weather, it becomes a problem of overwhelming proportion. When these emergencies are unfamiliar, a million questions arise that you don’t have answers for. But there are some very important pieces of information that you should know.

Your Safety Is An Issue

The water that damages your property could be highly contaminated and could cause illness or even death. Not every water damage situation is treacherous to your health, but some are and you should take the proper safety measures for each situation.

Water damage is categorized by three levels:

  • Category 1: Water damage that is caused by a clean water source is the first level. This water is not contaminated and will not harm anyone.
  • Category 2: This water contains bacteria that could be hazardous and could cause illness.
  • Category 3: Highly contaminated water that comes from sources such as sewage backup, overflowing toilets, or stormwater is the most polluted water and can cause serious illness or death.

Make sure you take the appropriate safety measures in any water damage situation.

Cleanup Needs To Happen Immediately

Secondary damage happens quickly in water damage situations. Within 24-48 hours, mold growth occurs and can cause significant structural and safety issues. To minimize damage, it is important to extract the water and dry the affected areas immediately. Professional water damage restoration companies work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help minimize the extent of the damage. They will also carry professional equipment that works impeccably when it comes to water extraction and drying water.


Some Types Of Water Damage Are Not Covered

There are types of water damage situations that may not be covered under your policy. Many policies will cover damage that happens suddenly and out of the blue. If a pipe suddenly bursts, typical policies would cover the water damage repairs, but if the water damage is due to wear and improper upkeep, most policies will not cover the repairs. It is important to make sure you understand the details of your policy and to know what you are responsible for.

Flood Damage And Water Damage Insurances Are Different

Water damage that happens because of broken pipes or overflowing toilets is typically covered under your homeowners’ policy, but this policy does not cover flood damage. Properties located in areas that experience flooding should carry a separate insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


Notify Your Insurance Company ASAP

Immediate action is needed for cleanup and repairs and also for insurance notification. Your insurance agent can help you find a great water damage restoration company and help you understand the steps that you need to take next.


If you are in Witchita, KS – Stover’s Restoration is an experienced and professional water damage restoration company that can help you in any water damage emergency.