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Causes Of Water Damage

Water Damage Hutchinson, Water Damage Cleanup Hutchinson, Water Damage Restoration HutchinsonYou just bought a new home and surprise! You have water damage in the basement. How did you miss that?

Unfortunately, the signs of water damage in the basement can be subtle and some home sellers may “accidentally” forget to mention previous water damage incidents. Even home inspectors can miss the signs of a leaky basement, especially if those signs are minimal.

What can be causing the basement water damage?

1. Sudden downpours and heavy rainfall have been known to cause water damage if the foundation or walls of your home are cracked or damaged. Sump pumps can become overwhelmed with the excessive amounts of water from the storm. Even “watertight” homes can have issues when the ground around your home has become saturated with water. The pressure of water on concrete walls and floors can become too much, and the water will begin to seep into the basement regardless of the barriers in place.

2. Plumbing issues can also lead to water damage in your basement. If a home’s internal plumbing system experiences a failure such as a clog, broken pipe, leaky seal, or hot-water tank failure. As your plumbing ages, the risks of water damage increase.

3. Basement water damage can also be the result of a blocked gutter system. When the manifold connecting the public sewage system to your home clogs, it may cause water to flood your property.

Water has a discreet way of finding the tiniest of cracks and crevices to hide in and can go completely unnoticed until major damage has been caused to your foundation, walls, and flooring. Small but steady water leaks can go unnoticed for long periods of time, so it is not surprising that you may have purchased a home that is susceptible to basement water damage without knowing it.

Look out for these signs of water damage:

• Musty odor in certain areas of your home
• Discoloration or peeling of paint
• Wood floors that are cupping
• Increased water bill

So what, there is a small water leak in the basement but all it is doing is discoloring the walls with watermarks. The leaks are small enough they will dry out on their own, right? Wrong, in fact, most water damage leaks in the basement won’t dry out on their own, especially of the source of the leak is not taken care of and chances are, mold will start growing long before the water dries out. Dealing with water damage can be a hassle on its own, but throwing mold into the mix? No thank you.

Leave it to the Professionals

No homeowner wants to deal with water damage basement. If you suspect that you have water damage in your Hutchinson basement contact a local water damage cleanup company, like Stover’s Restoration. The professionals have the proper expertise and equipment to detect hidden water damage and restore your home back to normal. If you didn’t catch the water damage in time to prevent mold growth most water damage restoration professionals can help with the mold inspection and removal process as well.