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Fire Damage Safety Tips

With the colder weather, more and more people are spending time indoors with the heater or furnace on trying to get warm. It’s no surprise that house fires are more common this time of year. Here below are a few tips to help reduce having a fire damage in your Wichita home.

Electrical Fires Fire

According to the US Department of Energy, the biggest cause of house fires is electrical fires due to overloaded outlets in the home. To avoid this from happening to you, never use an old or frayed extension or power cords. Always make sure you are only using one extension or power cord per outlet. When you plug in your appliances or electronics, be careful not to overload the outlet. Overloading your outlets can cause a greater risk for a fire damage to your Wichita home.

Do not use any sharp or metal objects when you attach your lights to the outside of your home. Using metal or sharp objects could puncture the wire, metal and electricity do not mix well together. Be sure the lights you are using are meant for outdoor use. Be sure to take your lights after the holiday season as well. Leaving your lights up all year round can be a big hazard especially to small animals like squirrels could chew on your wires and increase your chance of a fire damage.

Fire Place

Having a fireplace in your home is a great way to stay warm during the cold season. However, before you start your fireplace, check to see if there is soot hardened on your chimney walls. If needed, get your fireplace chimney inspected before use. This is an easy way to prevent a fire damage in your Wichita home. Always clear the area around your fireplace from any furniture or any other potentially flammable materials. You should also never leave your fireplace on unattended, while you are sleeping, or leaving the house with it on.


Many homeowners like to use decorative table cloths and place their candle on top of the decorative cloth. However, by doing this you could increase your chance of a fire because you risk having hot wax or even candle residue drop onto the decorative cloths. Increasing the risk of having a fire in your home. Make sure to keep at least one foot of space between your candle and any flammable material. Setting your candles on a study base will help reduce the risk of having pets or children knocking you candle over onto the floor or onto something flammable. Walk around your house before you go to bed and making sure all your candles are blown out is a great way to reduce fire damage in your Wichita home. Never leave candles unattended for any reason.

If your Wichita home has recently suffered from fire damage contact Stover’s Restoration today! Our professionals can help you get your home back to normal.