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Are Your Air Ducts Clean?

air duct cleaningHow many ounces of dust do you think you have in your Wichita home? Did you know that a single ounce of dust can attract over 40,000 dust mites into your Wichita home? Each dust mite contains harmful bacteria, fungi and mold. Do you really want that in your home? Now if only one ounce carries that much, think about how many dust mites are present in the 40 pounds of dust an average house accumulates in just a year. That is a very big number of harmful bacteria, fungi and mold. With that in mind it is two to five times more likely that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air.

40,000 Dust Mites!

Every time your heater or air conditioner turns on the dust mites circulate around the house. Having your air ducts cleaned will remove a significant amount of dust mites from your home. Allergy suffers will thank you when they breathe the clean air in your home.

Another benefit of having your air ducts cleaned is the amount of money spent. Yes, you will pay a professional to clean your air ducts but, that cost will not compare to the amount of money spent on your heating and cooling systems usage. Since they have a lot of build up they have to work twice as hard, which will cost more money every month, where as the air duct cleaning is a one time fee.

Experts recommend that air ducts should be cleaned every three years for normal circumstances. If you have someone living in your home that has breathing issues such as allergies, emphysema or asthma then air duct cleaning should be done annually. You will also want to have your air ducts cleaned when installing a new furnace, moving into a new home, making changes to the air duct system or when dust appears on the walls or on the drapes.

Dirty Air Ducts can cause Allergies

A great amount of people that do not have allergies reported less problems with congestion and stuffy heads after they had their air ducts cleaned. Not only is the air cleaner after the air ducts are taken care of by experts but the air flow is increased as much as 50%. Another advantage is air duct cleaners can eliminate odors. Sometimes there may be an odor you cannot quite put your finger on, and air duct cleaning may help with that.

Don’t try to perform duct cleaning on your own. It could end up a dusty disaster. We recommend hiring a professional to clean your air ducts. It is widely recommended that you use a professional that was trained by the NADCA. This will ensure you get only the best services, and by the most qualified experts in Wichita.

Speaking of the most qualified experts in Wichita have you considered calling Stovers for your air duct cleaning needs? Our experts are happy to answer and questions you may have on air duct cleaning processes in Wichita.

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