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5 Myths of Water Damage De-Bunked


Myth: Always call your insurance company first.

Not so! Your first instinct might be to call up your insurance company to find out what is covered, file a claim, and get the process moving along. However, the amount of time you will spend on hold with an agent describing your account of the damage could be used to remediate the water damage itself. Besides, in the early stages of restoration, it is hard to gauge the extent of the damage. It is best to call the professionals immediately, as most will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company to take care of your home.


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Myth: I can rent my equipment, so I can clean up the damage myself.

Just because it is physically possible doesn’t mean it should be done. Although you may be able to rent equipment for a reasonable price, much of it is difficult to operate without experience. Professionals also have access to high-end equipment and cleaning material. To homeowners, cleaning up water damage is like looking at an iceberg. Looking at the tip, it doesn’t seem like much. But when you actually dive deep into the project, you’ve realized that you’ve bit off more than you can chew. For example: There are three different categories of water damage and if you can’t identify them, you may not want to take on a restoration project. Trained technicians make the restoration process thorough, simple, and effective.

Myth: I can clean my carpets after a sewage back-up.

Hopefully, this does not sound appealing to you. Here’s the rule of sewage: If sewage touches it, it should go. And that definitely applies to carpet. Sewage is a Category 3 level of water damage, meaning it is highly contaminated and can cause severe health issues. It’s best to let the professionals handle this one.

Myth: My insurance covers mold and flooding.

Unfortunately, many insurance providers do not cover mold cleanup and flooding. If you are unsure of the scope of your insurance, a quick phone call may be necessary. Purchasing flood insurance may prove beneficial if disaster ever strikes.

Myth: Drying the room with dehumidifiers is the only step to remediation.

Although extracting water from the home is absolutely necessary and critical to the restoration process, it is only a fraction of the task. Many homeowners taking a do-it-yourself approach forget to keep structural damage in mind. Standing water has the uncanny ability to seep into every little crack and crevice in your home. After weeks or even months, the water can manifest itself in the form of unstable flooring, chipped paint, or discoloration. Water damage professionals will thoroughly check the affected area and determine if structural damage is likely. They will also check for mold, another repercussion of water leaks.

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