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Frequently Asked Questions: Mold Damage

mold damage removalWhether it’s the slimy black spots on the shower curtain, the white patches on your hardwood floor, or the slick orange film on your kitchen drain, household mold is more that an unpleasant visual — it’s downright disgusting. Mold can make you sick, activate your allergies, and irritate your respiratory system. Being the beastly household villain it is, mold damage removal has a tendency to raise a lot of questions. Here are some inquiries we frequently receive with helpful answers to help curb the annoyance of mold in Wichita.

What is mold?

Molds are small organisms found almost everywhere. They can be black, white, green, orange, or even purple. In nature, mold plays an important role in breaking down dead and decomposing matter. In fact, the average person comes in contact with mold every day.

In small amounts, mold is usually harmless. However, when mold attaches itself to wet spots in your house, it multiplies and creates a hazardous growth. This is because mold releases spores. When a person is sensitive to mold, inhaling the spores could cause significant health problems.

Where does mold grow?

Mold loves moisture. If you’ve ever accidentally left a wet shirt on the floor for a few weeks, you know the perfect pair of mold and moisture. Since this is the case, areas with high humidity are at higher risk for mold growth. As a general principle, however, mold can grow on your walls, floors, appliances, carpet, or furniture. Just about any surface that can provide the food mold needs to grow is at risk.

How can I prevent mold?

If your Wichita home has already incurred serious mold damage, it’s best to consult with a professional for tips and assistance in treating and mitigating mold damage. However, you can take these simple steps for preventing mold damage on your own, before it becomes a major problem in your home.

  • Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners in hot, humid weather.
  • Add insulation to your walls and windows to reduce condensation.
  • Dry wet areas immediately to prevent water seeping deeper into your home.
  • Keep indoor humidity below 60%.
  • Have a heating and cooling contractor inspect your systems to ensure they are operating properly to remove humidity.
  • Turn off appliances if you notice moisture on windows and other surfaces.
  • Vent your clothes dryer to the outside.
  • Check for leaks periodically.

What should I do if I spot mold?

The first step in any mold damage removal process is to determined the source and cause of the mold. If you’re aware of the specifics of your circumstance, it can help a professional team eradicate the mold and prevent future outbreaks.

Typically, the best step in removing mold is to call a mold removal professional in Wichita. Professionals utilize the latest technology and possess a wide range of knowledge on mold. Mold can be stubborn and a do-it-yourself approach can postpone remediation.

In many cases, mold is a manifestation of water damage. At Stover’s Restoration, we will assist you in remediating mold and dealing with the root cause of water damage. Without a proper elimination of both mold and water damage, you will continue to experience compounded problems. If you suspect mold damage, let us help! We would be happy to offer solutions to prevent mold damage in your Wichita home and/or get rid of it altogether. No homeowner should have to deal with recurring mold. You didn’t sign up for it. Give us a call today!