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Tips for Mold Removal in Emporia

mold removal emporiaCooler weather is coming, and as homes are sealed up tight for the winter months Emporia homeowners should be on the lookout for signs of potential mold growth in their homes. Newer homes that are tightly sealed can trap excess moisture inside, leading to condensation on cooler exterior walls, around windows, and ceilings. This moisture, when present for an extended period of time, can contribute to mold growth in these areas.

Why Does Mold Growth Occur In My Home?

Mold requires just three things to thrive in our homes: moisture, the proper temperature, and organic material. Mold spores are already present in the air, and when combined with the right environment they will begin to grow and reproduce on walls, behind furniture, near windows, and other areas where moisture gathers. Since mold is a natural part of the decomposition process there is nothing you can do to prevent mold spores from being in the air, but you can control the humidity levels and excessive moisture in your home to prevent mold growth.

Mold Removal in Emporia

If you discover mold growth in your Emporia home, it’s important to first address the source of the moisture. If the original source of the moisture is not rectified, it is likely that the mold growth will return and it could spread to other areas of the home. Use ventilation fans in high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens,  and address any other sources of moisture as soon as possible, such as a leaking roof, leaking plumbing fixture, or appliance.

Mold removal should be done after careful consideration to ensure the mold spores are not disturbed and don’t travel to other areas of your home. In instances where mold is only present in a small area, homeowners may remove the mold themselves without the need for a mold removal professional. If you do decide to attempt mold removal yourself, always wear the proper protective equipment to reduce your exposure to the mold spores. Some molds can be dangerous, and you should always put your own health and safety first.

For large areas affected by mold or where conditions have been present for a long time that allowed the mold growth to occur, you should contact a mold removal professional who can evaluate the extent of the damage and ensure that mold from the area is not transported to other areas of your home. Not all mold growth is visible, and you’ll want to be sure to address the problem in it’s entirety or the mold growth will return.

Professional Mold Damage Removal

Stover’s Restoration has years of experience with mold removal in Emporia, and our mold removal team is ready to help whenever you need us. Whether you have visible mold damage or suspect mold growth somewhere in your home, we can safely locate and remove the mold so your home is safe and healthy. Contact us today.