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Ken Houpt · Customer

“We had a fire last week in our home and Stovers Restoration has been doing a phenomenal job getting our house back in order, caring and understanding through the whole process. As I received the call yesterday about my sister passing, Stovers was here finishing for the day.
Today- Ally comes in to assist with the final step of cleaning carpets and furniture. Her first concern was the family and said, “whatever you need help with, please ask!”
As she and Emilio finished with the last room, she comes in with a bag- a few minutes later she tells me this is from Stovers.
I didn’t open the bag- I still haven’t, there are many goodies inside, but a few minutes ago I glanced at the top of it. Sitting on top was a card- I opened it….
Tears came to my eyes as I realized that Stovers is so much more than a restoration of your home, they want to comfort and if possible restore normalcy to your family. They are family owned, and they surely have proven it to us.
I’m going to miss some names here, but I just want to thank ALL of Stovers Restoration. These are the amazing people who I personally talked with or who have been in my home for the last 7 days.
Thank you-
for being more than a company. I want to thank you all for becoming our friends and for truly caring about us through this difficult time.
You truly restore homes and lives- 1 place, 1 person at a time!
Thank you”