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5 Things You Should Know About Water Damage Restoration

Before you hire a water damage restoration company, you should find out how the process works and what your insurance policy covers. It is also a good idea to ask for references and check their reviews online. After all, you’ll be paying them for their services! But how do you know whether they have good reviews and are trustworthy? If you want to avoid making the same mistakes that many other homeowners have made, read on to learn more about water damage restoration companies in Kansas.

Five steps of water damage restoration

If your home has been damaged by water, you may be wondering what to do next. While water damage restoration is a complex process, there are five crucial steps that are necessary. First, water damage restoration professionals will clean your property. Their goal is to minimize water damage and prevent mold growth. These professionals use a variety of cleaning methods, including foam and abrasive detergents. If you are unsure of the proper cleaning process, you can always call a professional to help you.

Classification of water damage

There are three main categories of water damage. Each category pertains to the level of contamination. For instance, Category 1 water damage includes floods resulting from broken water supply lines, a toilet tank overflowing, or a faulty water heater. When left untreated, Category 1 water damage can deteriorate into a Category 2 or 3 situation, depending on the contaminants it has in contact with. For this reason, it is important to begin water damage restoration as soon as possible.

Cost of water damage restoration

The total cost of water damage restoration can range greatly, depending on the size of the flood and the extent of the damage. Usually, a 500 square foot house would require the extraction of five to seven inches of water, and the additional costs would be tacked onto that figure. Water damage restoration is also known as water remediation. Generally, the cost of water extraction is between $3.75, and $7.00 per square foot, but this may vary widely depending on the quality of water and its quantity.

Insurance paperwork for water damage restoration

If you suffer from a flood, you should know how to file your insurance paperwork for water damage restoration. Firstly, document all damages incurred. Take photos of damaged areas and items, and document any standing water. Document every item damaged by water, including furniture, electronics, and clothing. Documenting damage will help the insurance adjuster rebut any alleged unaccounted damage. Insurance companies require written claims from all property owners, so it’s vital to provide proof of every item damaged by water.

Importance of hiring a professional water damage restoration company

Hiring a professional water damage restoration company can be an invaluable service. Not only will the professionals do a thorough assessment of your property, but they will also get to work quickly to fix any damage. Once the work is done, your home will be clean and safe. It is also important to have a professional to assess the damage to determine the best course of action. You should get at least two quotes, as it is important to get the best deal possible.

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