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How Bad Is The Water Damage In Your Home And How To Restore It?

wichita water damage restoration, wichita water damage cleanup, water damage repairOne of the most important initial steps you can take after a water damage incident is assessing how severe the damage is. Our Wichita water damage experts here at Stover’s, for example, make assessing a home after a flood one of our top priorities upon arriving at the home. Doing this allows us to set a timeframe for how long the restoration process will take, what the expected expenses are, and give a conservative projection for what we will be able to save. Here are a few questions you should ask after a flood to determine how bad the damage is. 

Water Damage Restoration In Wichita

How Far Has The Water Spread?

The problem with floods is that the water can travel a long way from the original source of the flood. It can get inside your walls, soak into your furniture, or even go through the floor and into the ceiling of the next room. It’s important to find out just how far the water has spread so you can remove the excess moisture. Examine your floors and walls for water damage, and check the surrounding rooms for water spots or leaks. Your water damage restoration company will be your best resource for helping you determine the extent of the damage and what it will take to restore your home back to its original state. 

How Long Has The Water Been In The Home?

The amount of time with which flood water has been in a home after the flood took place is one of the key determinants of how severe the damage is. This is especially true of any materials in your home that are absorbent. Absorbent materials like drywall, carpet, furniture, and pretty much everything else that takes on water is at serious risk from water damage. Unless such items are quickly removed from the home and the drying process begins immediately, they may be damaged beyond repair. Another way that time can increase water damage is through mold growth. Mold only needs 24-48 hours to begin growing after a flood so if the water isn’t removed promptly, mold will soon set in and begin spreading throughout the home and cause significantly more damage.

Is The Water Contaminated?

While the amounts of spreading and time that has taken place after a flood are often viewed as the most important elements of determining how bad water damage is, it is important not the overlook contamination levels in the water. In some cases, floodwater can contain raw sewage or harsh chemicals that are extremely toxic and can add another layer of danger, damage, and cleanup into the restoration process.

Assessing the extent of water damage after a flood is a critical step after a flood. While the bulk of this should be handled by a professional water damage restoration company, like our team at Stover’s, you should also be able to estimate the severity of the damage on your own. We hope you find the tips given above helpful for doing just that!