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Holiday Fire Risks – Stay Safe With These Tips

fire damage emporia, fire cleanup emporia, smoke damage emporiaThe weather is starting to cool down and our beautiful community is getting ready to prepare for colder weather – inside and out. When the cold weather hits, we want to help you make sure you are already prepared to eliminate fire risks and in your home and business and enjoy the upcoming holidays. Be sure to have contact information on hand for a professional smoke and fire damage cleanup crew near you just in case. If you live near Emporia, Stovers Restoration is available 24 hours a day.

Holiday Fire Safety Risks

You may not associate holidays with home or business fires, but fires can happen at any time and for a lot of reasons. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas certainly do increase the risk of property fires and for a couple of different reasons.

Kitchen Safety

Holiday parties and get togethers require extra cooking and baking. Not only is more going on in the kitchen, but there are more distractions for those who are doing the cooking. Stay safe in the kitchen by paying close attention to what is happening on the stove and in the oven. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a small grease or microwave fire, and use cooking timers so that overcooking/burning is less likely. Take some time to prepare for fire hazards by double checking your smoke alarms, keeping a fire extinguisher nearby and paying close attention while cooking in the kitchen.

Decoration Safety

Especially during Halloween and Christmas, the use of inside and outside decorations can create major fire risks. Jack-o-lanterns should be placed somewhere safe. Consider using battery operated lights inside the pumpkins instead of candles. Lights and extra electrical outlets are being used. Giant inflatable decorations require the use of electricity and during Halloween, smoke and fog machines are in use. It is important to follow the safety instructions included on all decorations and light fixtures. Follow safety precautions when plugging in electrical outlets and don’t overload extension cords. Be mindful of the weather and what should not be used during rain or snow. It might take a little extra time, but it could keep your house or business from burning to the ground.

If you plan to use candles around the house, keep them well away from anything that could catch on fire. Use sturdy candle holders that will not tip and don’t forget to put them out.

Fireplace Safety

Before you use your fireplace this holiday season, hire a professional to inspect and clean it. Make sure they thoroughly clean the chimney and be sure to follow standard safety rules whenever you use your fireplace. Don’t use flammable liquids to start fires in the fireplace, and don’t burn items that should not be burned in it. Don’t leave the fireplace unattended for lengthy amounts of time and be sure to put a fire safety screen around the fire.

In the event of any home or business fire, Stovers Restoration has a skilled fire and smoke damage cleanup crew that is available around the clock to help cleanup and restore the damage. Our team is quick to remove lingering smoke and soot and get your property back to a clean and habitable environment fast.  For an immediate assessment after a property fire, call the professionals at Stover’s Restoration.