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Appliances Most Likely To Cause Water Damage

water damage emporia, water damage cleanup emporia, water removal emporiaWater damage in Emporia often happens because of outside waters from flooding or heavy rains and storms. However, water damage does happen due to malfunctions inside the home, like pipe bursts or leaks, and from appliance mishaps, and certain appliances are more likely than others to cause damage. Here are the most common appliances to cause water damage issues for homeowners.

Appliances Most Likely To Endanger Your Home With Water Damage

Hot Water Heater

A leak or break in your hot water heater is a huge risk to your home. 69% of hot water heater failures happen because of a leak or burst in the appliance. While yearly maintenance may seem like an inconvenience, it can help reduce the risk of flooding from the appliance. If you notice leaking from/around the heater, contact a water damage restoration company to repair any damage as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of mold growth.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioner units reach throughout your home. If water becomes an issue, it can spread throughout the entire home. Attic air conditioners run a bigger risk of damage than AC unites located in different areas of the home. Watch for moisture and leaks within the system and notify a professional as soon as you notice any sign of water.

Washing Machine

Washing machines hold a large amount of water. There are also several types of complications a washing machine can have that could cause water to escape and damage the home. Hoses are one of the main concerns with washing machines. So are drains! Watch for clogged drains or worn out hoses to help keep your washing machines running smoothly. In the meantime, if your washing machine springs a leak – contact the flood experts at Stover’s Restoration to help clean up the mess ASAP!


Leaky refrigerators are really a nuisance. Not just because of the water leaking out, but because a problem with the fridge could mean an issue for the food inside it as well. Water damage from refrigerators usually are caused by a freeze or clog in the defrost drain. When this happens, water builds up and escapes from the waterlines. Leaks from refrigerators can happen without notice for some time. Water often leaks toward the back wall or under other appliances like the stove. Be sure to check around your fridge often to inspect for water damage.


Wherever water is in a home, there is risk for water damage. The dishwasher is another appliance that can experience problems in the drain, hoses, and other plumbing connections.

The older your appliances are, the more likely they are to cause water damage. Be mindful of where water can turn up (or hide) and make sure to check for signs of water damage. Signs can include warped flooring or floor boards, discoloration of paint or wallpaper on nearby walls, musty mildew scents, and an increase in the water bill.

If any of these appliances cause an issue with water inside your home, do not wait to get help. The longer water is allowed to sit, the more time it has to spread and cause further damage. Water will quickly spread to other areas and, if not dried up immediately, can turn into a costly mold issue that will need to be dealt with. If you have suffered from any of these catastrophies, contact Stover’s Restoration in Emporia today!