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Services You May Not Know A Fire Damage Restoration Service Offers

fire damage restoration wichita, fire damage wichitaFire damage cleanup and restoration involved much more than many people initially think. There is much more to it than gutting, rebuilding and restoring your home. While this is a large part of the fire damage restoration process, our fire damage restoration technicians at Stover’s Restoration in the Wichita area have state-of-the-art fire damage restoration technology including thermal imaging, odor control methods, and board-up services to ensure that your home receives only the highest quality care. Below are four methods we use or services we offer at Stover’s Restoration to provide you with high-quality fire damage restoration.

Thermal Imaging

Unfortunately, water damage happens during the efforts to put out the fire. It’s not something we think about that often because fires are so destructive that we want the flames out as fast as possible, however possible. Before the restoration process can begin, the water needs to be removed quickly to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Your fire restoration team is also licensed to deal with water damage. They will bring in Thermal Imaging tools that will help them find any moisture trapped in the walls. With this information, they can properly assess the amount of damage and start planning the restoration process.

Odor And Soot Control

Soot and ash and highly acidic materials that can damage metals, pipes, and appliances throughout your home. When it comes to odor and soot control, time is of the essence. The longer acidic soot sits in your home the more damage it will ultimately cause. Contact a certified restoration company ASAP after a fire to minimize the damage caused by any soot. As for smoke odor, it can be very pervasive and permeate into seemingly every part of your home. However, with the proper experience and equipment, the smoke smell can ultimately be removed in most cases.  

24 Hour Service

Some restoration companies don’t offer 24-hour service meaning that you could be forced to wait a long time before having the restoration process begin. Fortunately, we at Stover’s Restoration in Wichita do offer around the clock emergency response services so we can get someone to your home with as little delay as possible.

Protecting Your Home From Further Damage

Getting your life and home back is your fire damage cleanup crews top priority at all times. Because that is their primary concern, they are going to take professional measures to prevent further damage from happening during the restoration process. They will board up and tarp your home so that it is safe from outside elements like wind, rain, debris, and from people that may want to enter and vandalize the property.

If you find yourself in a fire damage emergency, your local restoration team at Stover’s Flood And Fire will work diligently to repair your home and make sure you are safe at all times, even after the restoration is complete.