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Most Common Spots For Water Damage

water damage wichita, water damage cleanup wichitaWhile you can’t protect your home from every emergency, a quick inspection of the most common culprits might keep you from experiencing an indoor flood. It’s important to recognize where water damage can occur, where it occurs the most often, and what to do when it happens. If you notice signs of water damage in your home, contact a professional water damage restoration company that can help you repair the damage quickly before more damage occurs. In Wichita, Stover’s Restoration is experienced experts when it comes to all sizes of water disasters.

Hot Water Heaters
Water heaters corrode or degrade over time; the life expectancy of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years. Inspect yours annually and have any faulty parts (or the entire unit) replaced at the first sign of damage. If your hot water heater or washer is located on a second story, place a pan under the appliance to catch any small spills.

The Roof
Loose shingles, tree limbs that touch, and failed to flash around chimneys are all an opportunity for rain to breach your home. Be sure that your roof receives proper maintenance to prevent water from entering your home.

Window Sills And Panes
When windows don’t seal, rain and condensation can cause damage. Once window casings become splintered, gouged, soft and rotted, you no longer have a reliable barrier to weather. Check to see if your windows are closing properly using your hand or a candle flame- feel or look for a draft. As the seal fails, water can accumulate around the window and ruin the sills and sashes.

Air Conditioners
Even when your A/C cools properly, have it serviced annually to check for cracks in the overflow drain pan. Ensure the air filter is not clogged with dirt or the condensate line is plugged up with debris. All could cause a leak, which could damage the flooring, drywall, or allow mold build up.

Attic air conditioners can cause the most damage because water can leak throughout the entire home. Install both a drain pan and a drainpipe to control the overflowing water and direct it outside.

Shower Stalls And Bathtubs
As shower ages, its caulking deteriorates and gets brittle. Take a look at the sealing in your shower, tub and soap dish. Inspect for weak points; be proactive and fix by removing the old and replacing with silicone.

Around The Toilet
A toilet leak is one of the harder water leaks to find if it is next to the tub; it’s difficult to distinguish from dripping water from the shower. Wet floors can come from an overflowing toilet, a loose hose in the toilet’s system, cracks in the bowl, or old caulking. Be sure to check these places frequently and seek assistance if you notice any extra water.

Under The Sink
Try not to overcrowd the cabinet; look under the items placed in the cabinet for any possible water damage. To locate damage earlier, place a paper towel under the lowest part of the curve. Periodically check for water stains, indicating a leak.

If your refrigerator or freezer is leaking, you may have a broken hose or a malfunctioning ice cube maker. A pool of water underneath your refrigerator could accumulate. While refrigerators are large, they are also on wheels– so move the fridge when you mop. Get in the habit of checking for moisture below.

Bathroom Ceilings And Walls
Ventilate the room with an open window or fan, as the steamy moisture of the shower or bath builds up in your bathroom. Watch the ceilings, inside the linen closet and metal fan vets for signs of mildew and rust.

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