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Preventing Fire Damage from Everyday Appliances

Fire Damage Cleanup Emporia, Fire Damage Emporia, Fire Damage Repair EmporiaHousehold appliances make our lives easier on a daily basis. However, every machine that operates on electricity or gas presents safety risks and should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Below are essential appliance fire safety tips to help you prevent disasters from happening in your home in Acworth, Georgia:

General Safety Tips

Keep appliances at a safe distance from wet areas. When electricity and water mix, it can be disastrous. Be sure to take proper precautions and keep appliances away from areas that are easily accessible to water.

Keep potentially flammable items, such as furniture, clothes or curtains, away from heaters or appliances that produce heat.

If an appliance or lamp sputters, produces a spark or gives you a shock when running, unplug it and have it repaired as soon as possible, as the spark can not only cause the lamp itself to catch fire but also any items around it.

Check the wires of appliances regularly. Replace or repair frayed, damaged wires.

Don’t plug too many plugs into an electrical outlet. This can cause the circuit to overload and cause a fire.

Unplug all small electrical appliances, such as irons, toasters, hair dryers, etc., when not in use.

Install smoke alarms on every level of your home. Test the alarms once a month and replace batteries each year.

Clothes’ Dryer

Make sure your dryer is securely and safely placed or installed in your home.

Keep the area around your dryer clear of things that can burn, as the appliance itself can get very hot.

Always use a lint filter when operating a dryer and be sure to clean the lint from the filter before or after each use.

Electric or Gas Appliances

Remove grease or other debris from the burner, stove top, or oven and never leave combustible items near them.

Always supervise the appliance when cooking and turn it off when you are finished or have to leave the kitchen. Leaving food that is being cooked unsupervised is hazardous in and of itself, adding gas or electricity to the situation makes it even more of a hazard.

Before using, make sure it doesn’t smell of gas inside or near your burner, stove top, or oven. The smell of gas can mean a leak which can easily start a fire if you add heat.


Avoid using extension cords as a permanent solution to power the dishwasher, it is best to plug your dishwasher into a grounded wall socket.

Check the plastic components that release the detergent on the interior of the door. If damaged, these components can cause water to leak over the machine’s internal wires, resulting in a fire.

Electric Heater

Keep heaters at least 3 feet away from flammable materials like paper, trash bins, furniture, or drapes.

Place heaters on a stable, horizontal surface (preferably on the floor) where it can’t be knocked over easily.

Microwave Oven

Never use aluminum foil or any kind of metal in a microwave oven, as metal can start a fire. Use only microwave-safe food containers or dishes.

Clean the microwave, including the outer edge, from food debris, grease or stains regularly.

If you experience a fire damage emergency in Emporia, please contact a qualified professional like Stover’s Restoration that is certified up to cleanup and remediate your property.