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Tips on Water Damage in Wichita

water damage wichita Having water in unwanted places can cause a lot of damage to your Wichita home. Not only can it ruin your home, it can also ruin your prized possessions. If you can act quickly in this situation, you can help minimize the damage and potentially save your prized possessions. Deciding whether if something can be saved or not is depending on how long the water has been around. Even if your floor has only an inch of water on it, or is even just damp, this is the perfect condition for mold to occur. Mold will not only ruin furniture, walls, carpets, ect., it can also lead to having poor air quality in your home. Here are a few tips to help deal with your water damage cleanup in your Wichita home.

Electronics, Furniture and Moveable Items

The key to saving your possessions is that the faster you get your items out of the water, the more likely you’ll be able to save them. You should always remember to move all electrical items first and turn off your power leading to the affected area. Pull up any carpets from wall to wall and also the underpadding. You may be able to save your carpet if you can get it cleaned and disinfected. However, you may not be able to save the underpadding since that acts like a sponge and will absorb most of the water.

Removing the Water

There are many ways to cleanup water damage in your home. If you don’t have power, you can start with using old towels, buckets, and mops. If your sewer is not backed up, you could pour most of the water down the drain. However, if they are backed up, you can throw most of the water on your lawn or any other permeable surface. A wet vacuum may be your fastest option to get rid of the water. Just remember to be careful with using anything electricity in removing water since water and electricity do not mix!

Drying the Area

Getting rid of the water and drying out the area is the most important step you can do to help prevent mold growth in your Wichita home. After the water has been removed, use fans and dehumidifiers to help dry out the area. You can also open windows to help allow for air circulation to help speed up the drying process. If your drywall has been effected by the water, make sure to cut away the areas that were affected. Drywall is a great source for mold to grow on.

Disposing of Damaged Items

Most people will just throw everything that has been touched by the water into a dumpster. However, if you can organize damaged goods into piles on what can be sent to your recycling station, this can help alleviate stress on your landfill site. Also, be sure to find out where you can recycle old paints, adhesives, and any other toxic liquids. By following these simple steps, you can help make the water damage cleanup process less stressful for your Wichita Property.

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