“I am the owner of College Hill Creamery. My wife and I bought the store on August 18th, 2015. We had owned the shop for just over 5 weeks when we experienced the water heater failure. Given I have not lived in Wichita long and have never experienced this type of situation (let alone my inexperience in a commercial lease setting), I did not know who to call when I found 12″ of water in my building’s basement. I want to thank you for Preston’s professionalism and prompt service. He was great. As far a company of any kind is concerned, having employees like Preston is priceless. Please pass on my regards to him. Thank you, again, for your prompt and professional service.”
Ryan Nall • College Hill Creamery

“Following a fire in a building beside our property in downtown Ellsworth, we were overwhelmed, unsure of where to begin and determined to keep our business open. We called a fire restoration crew from Salina who took one look at the task at hand, and without even telling us, called Stovers. Imagine, if you will, a hardware store with hundreds of thousands of items that needed to have a layer of sooty smoke removed, three separate business areas that had to be gutted, and a two basements ankle-to-calf deep in water that had to be emptied, dried out, and treated to prevent mold. Stovers, with both Trace and Phil directing their workman, conquered those tasks with professionalism that amazed us. They were concerned and caring, knowledgeable, honest and hard-working—all mixed with a sense of humor (we needed to laugh or we would have cried!). Their advice, which certainly came from their vast experience with smoke and water damage, was invaluable. Our business never closed completely. I’m sure they wanted to say that our request was impossible, but they did all they could to isolate one area, finish their work, then move to another. Keep in mind that this was in late June and July, in the summer of 2011, when the temperature was 100 degrees plus on most days. Today we’re in better shape than we were before the fire! The walls are painted, the floor coverings are new, the ceiling tile and air handling systems are clean and there’s no smell of smoke anywhere! We don’t want to wish anyone ill fortune, but if it happens to you, please call Stovers. They’re the best!!”
Ted & Cynthia • True Value Hardware-Ellsworth, KS

“Through the six years that I have been working with Stover’s Restoration my customers frequently comment on the speed and quality of their work. I have personally noticed that in every’claim from large to small they always show a sense of personal interest.”
Trevor Harris • Shelter Agent

“We are very glad to inform you of this highly complimentary letter from one of your customers. It was very refreshing to receive it since about 99% of our mail deals with complaints on companies. Thank you so much for the favorable experience given to this consumer.”
Bri Voyles • Better Business Bureau 

“Stover’s did a fantastic job. Sooner then I could hope for and they took care of everything.
On a scale of 1-10 they get an 11+.”
Rosemary Daves • Customer 

“You and your company expedited the clean-up and refurbishing in a completely satisfactory manner… We were extremely impressed with the help we received from you.. .our thanks go out to Stover’s Restoration.”
Karen and Robert Hernandez • Customer 

“Everyone that I came in contact with at Stover’s is outstanding. Each person excels in his or her area. All are professional, courteous, and respectful. They work very hard and are quite willing to share their technical knowledge to help everyone understand what needs to be accomplished. Mr. Stover and his staff have turned this entire event around with their positive attitude, technical expertise, industry knowledge, and willingness to educate all involved. I highly recommend Stover’s Restoration.”
Karen Monteith • Customer

“Stover’s is a great resource. They provide timely service and they desire to help find solutions to some challenging problems that we experience.”
Gene Gerber • Farm Bureau Adjuster

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