Q: Is sewage from oceans, lakes or rivers is clean?
A: This water contains contaminants such as microorganisms, bacteria and pesticides. Trapped inside walls or under floor coverings, it doesn’t take long to become a “smelly” health hazard.

Q: Does chlorine bleach decontaminate sewage?
A: While bleach is a remedy, it’s quickly inactivated by sewage. Even dead fungi and bacteria may contain chemicals that causes an allergic response. Affected areas should be cleaned thoroughly, followed by appropriate disinfectant application

Q: Can sewage-saturated carpets can be “saved”?
A: Absolutely not! Porous materials such as carpet, pad, upholstery, bedding, wicker, paper goods, or fabrics that can’t be washed must be disposed of safely.

Q: Are partially sewage-flooded basements safe?
A:Not unless contaminated areas can be sealed off to prevent cross-contamination of other areas. Only trained professionals using specialized equipment are qualified to restore sewage damage.

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