(Maize) 3 hrs. P&C – Insuring Home-Based Businesses – Adjusters

Did you know there are over 40 million “home offices” and over 11 million home-based businesses? How many of your homeowner’s policy clients might have some sort of home-based business? The Homeowner’s Policy does not cover liability exposure from a business, and has little property coverage for business equipment. This course defines what a business is, and the insurance limitations of having a business at home. We discuss the differences in owning your own business versus running a business you do not own. We discuss endorsements to increase coverage for a business at home. We define what Incidental farming is and what coverage is available for that risk. We address the question: when should a person running a business from home consider buying a full-blown commercial policy to cover their risk exposures?

KS- 6000013835; OK-6000013109; TX- 109747; registering with FL


~~ Presenter, Rick Weston


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